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Mexican Journal

In Mexican Journal, P. K. Page recounts her experiences as wife to the Canadian ambassador to Mexico in the early 1960s.

Loteria Huasteca

Lotería Huasteca presents 54 striking woodblock prints alongside text that provides insight into the traditional art, music, food, ritual and dance

The Marche aux Puces and the Jardin des Plantes

Daryl Hine was a Canadian poet who came to prominence at Poetry (Chicago) where he served as editor for a decade (1968–78).

The Essential Daryl Hine

The Essential Daryl Hine presents a judicious selection of the work of a poetic virtuoso, a friend of James Merrill, John Hollander, and Richard Ho

The Grand River

Wood engraver Gerard Brender à Brandis and writer Marianne Brandis reveal the private life of the Grand River in Ontario, documenting through words

DA 76

Featuring the work of printmaker Tony Calzetta and some other nice stuff as well

On Shaving Off His Face

Shane Neilson’s latest collection of poetry draws on the image of the human face to explore themes of pain, grief and illness both physical and men

Fabulous Peculiarities

Fabulous Peculiarities traces the artistic evolution of Canadian artist Tony Calzetta, whose penchant for experimentation and ability to both work

A Serious Call

In his latest book of poetry, A Serious Call, Don Coles brings to life a series of everyday moments, objects, and relationships in a touching refle

DA 75

The Iconography of James Reaney: An Anecdotal Bibliography by Tim Inkster

Sweet Lechery

Sweet Lechery is Jeet Heer’s wide-ranging collection of literary criticism, served with a twist of social commentary.

Theme and Variation

The text is set in Junius, an old-style serif typeface developed by Peter S.