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Poems for a Phantom Lover

In Poems for a Phantom Lover, Jennifer Dickson creates a ‘reliquary for a famished heart,’ a celebration through text and image of the figur

DA 92

Printmaker Alec Dempster revels in the search for authentic Mexican folkloric traditions

Morse Code for Romantics

Wretched, reckless and haunted by the past, the men and women in Anne Baldo’s Morse Code for Romantics try to restart their sputtering heart

James Reaney on the Grid

A deep dive into the influences, patterns and structures that underscore the foundation of the literary works of James Reaney, whose poems and play


In Granted, Jeffery Donaldson explores ‘a universe of potential relation’, providing a master class in the art of metaphor by exploring in v

DA 91

Baudelaire, Emil Orlik, Northrop Frye, T.S. Eliot and the woodblock prints of Richard York

Richard York's Artistic Journey

‘Richard York’s Artistic Journey’ appears in the Fall 2022 issue of the Devil’s Artisan, under the editorship of Don McLeod.

The Essential Eugene McNamara

In The Essential Eugene McNamara, poetry pushes the barriers of language and grammar, daring to convey raw emotion with disarming empathy.

Took You So Long

Took You So Long presents emotionally resonant stories about challenging relationships and deeply flawed characters mired in the circumstanc

Out of the Dark

In Out of the Dark, master engraver Wesley W Bates presents a compilation of wood engravings that bring to life exquisite landscapes and arr

The Razor's Edge

A collection of linked short stories that hopscotches between time and space to explore the haunting hunger that reaches beyond the physical and in

DA 90

Sturm und Drang: publisher Tim Inkster reflects on the challenges of publishing P.K. Page