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Though barely remembered today, Kenneth Leslie was one of the most remarkable Canadians of the 20th century.

Mystery Stories is inhabited by absence: dead friends, past childhoods and ex-lovers.

A Calendar of Days (2013) is the second in an on-going collaboration between the Wood Engravers’ Network (WEN) which includes members from the Unit

The Great Lakes serve as the setting for a powerful story about the men and women who labour upon them.

This is the third installment in acclaimed poet Wayne Clifford’s series of sonnets, The Exile’s Papers, a project decades in the making and now rec

Mark Lavorato’s debut poetry collection, Wayworn Wooden Floors, is a striking piece of work, informed by an acute observer tuned to the everyday.

Stefan Berg revives the wordless graphic novel in his portrait of the ‘first man of jazz’. Very little is known of Buddy Bolden.

Kenneth Sherman’s collection Words for Elephant Man delves into the fascinating life of Joseph Merrick, the titular ‘Elephant Man’ who came to prom

Featuring the Wood Engraving of Rosemary Kilbourn

The precision, originality, and playfulness of Robert Gibbs’ poems have captivated readers for over half a century.

The Essential Margaret Avison showcases the development of one of Canada’s most brilliant and original poets, twice winner of the Governor-General’