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Artful Flight

In Artful Flight, Susan Glickman dives into poetry and prose, music and visual art, in an effort to find the joy in creative work not as a p

Spring 2022 Catalogue

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Learn about the Porcupine's Quill's Spring 2022 titles, including new releases from Leon Rooke and Karl Jirgens.

DA 89

Buchstabenfreude: Bibliophile Nigel Beale presents Will Rueter and The Aliquando Press

The Essential John Glassco

A collection of the poetic achievements of John Glassco, a Montreal Group poet whose technical giftedness and unimpeachable wordplay brought music

Let Go

A story of travail and triumph, Mark Huebner’s wordless novel Let Go follows a laid-off ad man struggling to carry the deadweight of his pas

The Artist and the Assassin

The play of light and shadow defines Mark Frutkin’s vibrant narrative based on the life of the seventeenth-century painter known as Caravaggio, who

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Spring 2021

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Learn about the Porcupine's Quill's Spring 2021 titles, including new releases from Ingrid Ruthig and Ross Breithaupt.


A traumatized young man steps away from his protective family and embarks on a transformative two-month stint as a tree planter in Northern Ontario

Devil's Artisan #88

A Brief History of Ted Snider's Cranberry Mills and David Milne's Royal Flush