The Marché aux Puces and the Jardin des Plantes (Free Download)

Primary Author: 
Daryl Hine
The Marche aux Puces and the Jardin des Plantes

Daryl Hine was a Canadian poet who came to prominence at Poetry (Chicago) where he served as editor for a decade (1968–78). We didn't know Daryl Hine, but we did know Hine's good friend Virgil Burnett, an artist, originally from the American Midwest who served with the US Army in Paris in World War II and subsequently settled in Stratford, Ontario. It was Virgil Burnett who persuaded us to do an illustrated edition of Hine's Arrondissements, which we did, in 1986; and then it was James Pollock who persuaded us to do The Essential Daryl Hine, which appeared in 2015.

‘The Marché aux Puces and the Jardin des Plantes’ first appeared in Minutes (Atheneum, 1968) and was reprinted in The Essential Daryl Hine (Porcupine's Quill, 2015).

The broadside, as it appears here, was issued to co-incide with World Poetry Day, 21 March, 2016.

This broadside is presented as a high-resolution, print-quality PDF (at 600 dpi). It was created with the notion that it could be downloaded by interested parties and printed locally, in colour, on high-end digital printers. It might be framed individually and hung on a wall or (hopefully) printed in small runs for distribution as class sets, to facilitate not only the close reading of a specific poet's text but also a related discussion that might lead to an appreciation of the presentation of that text on paper.

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