Title Primary Author Price
The Essential Travis Lane The Essential Travis Lane Travis Lane and Shane Neilson $4.99
The Essential Daryl Hine The Essential Daryl Hine Daryl Hine and James Pollock $4.99
On Shaving Off His Face On Shaving Off His Face Shane Neilson $4.99
A Serious Call A Serious Call Don Coles $4.99
The Essential Anne Wilkinson The Essential Anne Wilkinson Anne Wilkinson and Ingrid Ruthig $4.99
The Seasons The Seasons Bruce Meyer $4.99
Vittoria Colonna Vittoria Colonna Jan Zwicky and Robert Moody $4.99
The Essential Earle Birney The Essential Earle Birney Earle Birney and Jim Johnstone $4.99
The sea with no one in it The sea with no one in it Niki Koulouris $4.99
Slack Action Slack Action Jeffery Donaldson $4.99