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The April Poems

Leon Rooke’s latest collection of poems concerns itself with an irrepressible heroine, adopting a variety of distinctive perspectives on her life,

The Emblems of James Reaney

Thomas Gerry investigates the unique artistic vision of poet, painter and playwright James Reaney, revealing the ‘magnetic arrangement’ that links

DA 71

Richard Landon and James Reaney’s Alphabet

You Are Here

From critic and poet James Pollock comes You Are Here, an incisive collection of essays that explore the newer, more cosmopolitan and technically s

High-Water Mark

Ten varied stories – many published in Canada’s best literary journals – of contemporary women learning what they want from sex, love and partnersh

The Names of Things

The Names of Things is a book about a man and a generation.

Welcome to the world of JonArno Lawson, where sound rules supreme.

My Life on Earth and Elsewhere

My Life on Earth and Elsewhere, a memoir by the internationally-acclaimed Canadian composer, music educator and writer R.

The Essential Tom Marshall

A comprehensive introduction to this enigmatic Canadian poet, The Essential Tom Marshallprovides an overview of the breadth of Marshall’s career, f

The Essential George Johnston

George Johnston is one of the most finely tuned poets we have had -- a master watchmaker who can also build Big Ben.

The Essential Don Coles

Don Coles’ Forests of the Medieval World (PQL 1993) won the Governor General’s Award for poetry. Kurgan (PQL 2000) won the Trillum Prize in Ontario

What the Furies Bring

In the months following 9/11, while images of the collapsing towers haunted the media, Kenneth Sherman began a course of reading, seeking out autho