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Late Love Poem

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The Essential Richard Outram

The Essential Richard Outram is an elegant, affordable selection of poems by one of Canada’s great poets.

Book of Hours

In the Book of Hours, award-winning wood engraver George A.

Fine Incisions

Fine Incisions is a collection of twenty-four gracious, intelligent and occasionally fractious essays, wide-ranging in their interests and rigorous

A Is for Alice

Twenty-six magical images gleaned from almost two hundred wood engravings made by George A.

The Essential P. K. Page

P. K. Page needs no introduction. This is a poet who writes in many genres and on an infinite number of subjects.

Hand Luggage

Towards the end of a long and passionate life, P. K. Page shares in a most engaging form the highlights of a life lived to the full.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s beloved children’s classic comes to life with over one hundred whimsical, eccentric and darkly humorous wood engravings, all create

Little Comrades

Little Comrades tells the story of a girl growing up in a dysfunctional left-wing family in the Canadian West during the Depression, then moving, a

Surpassing Pleasure

This energetic first collection moves freely from the world of professional snooker to drunken adolescent escapades.

Inward of Poetry

Inward of Poetry presents fifty years of thoughtful and, by turns, chatty letters between poet George Johnston and his good friend and frequent edi