Title Primary Author Price
The Seasons The Seasons Bruce Meyer $4.99
Vittoria Colonna Vittoria Colonna Jan Zwicky and Robert Moody $4.99
The Essential Earle Birney The Essential Earle Birney Earle Birney and Jim Johnstone $4.99
The sea with no one in it The sea with no one in it Niki Koulouris $4.99
Slack Action Slack Action Jeffery Donaldson $4.99
The April Poems The April Poems Leon Rooke $4.99
Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box JonArno Lawson $4.99
The Essential Tom Marshall The Essential Tom Marshall Tom Marshall, David Helwig and Michael Ondaatje $4.99
The Essential George Johnston The Essential George Johnston George Johnston and Robyn Sarah $4.99
The Essential Don Coles The Essential Don Coles Don Coles and Robyn Sarah $4.99