Title Primary Author Price
DA 85 Devil's Artisan #85: Fall/Winter 2019 Various Authors $4.99
The Hunting of the Snark The Hunting of the Snark Lewis Carroll, George A. Walker $4.99
The Essential Kay Smith The Essential Kay Smith Kay Smith $4.99
Naming the Shadows Naming the Shadows Sharon Berg $4.99
Margin of Interest Margin of Interest Shane Neilson $4.99
Rerouted Rerouted Daniel Bryant $4.99
DA 84 Devil's Artisan #84: Spring/Summer 2019 Various $4.99
Viaticum Viaticum Jeffery Donaldson $4.99
The Essential Douglas LePan The Essential Douglas LePan Douglas LePan $4.99
Bite Me Bite Me! Joe Rosenblatt $4.99