Victorian Christmas Ornaments (Free Download)

Primary Author: 
Tim Inkster
Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Victorian Christmas Ornaments presents a small selection of holiday-themed typographic images that are available for free download from the extensive digital archive that appears on the Devil’s Artisan site. All of the images presented are free of copyright and may be used for any purpose without attribution, though we are often amused to hear (for example) from the manager of a baroque ensemble in Helsinki who was able to source the perfect initials to embellish a concert poster. A design student wrote from Oslo with the revelation that the letters required for ornamental initials in Norwegian are not the same as the letters required in English. And then there was the high school student from Houston who wanted to know if we could find a missing ‘k’ from a partial alphabet, and could we do it pretty quick because her assignment was due in the morning.

This notion of creating promotional PDF ‘chapbooks’ was suggested by the Digital Main Street training programme we completed in the fall of 2019. More chapbooks can be downloaded free of charge at the Porcupine’s Quill eStore as they become available.

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